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The who and why

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Welcome all, I will start this off by introducing myself and providing a little outlook on why I am doing this and what I plan on accomplishing. I have been in the military just shy of 20 years and I am currently on a path to be medically discharged due to Traumatic Brain Injury(TBI) and I have had multiple strokes. The reason that I would like to type on here for those who may have gone through the same type of situations to include mental struggles and life struggles can see that you are not the only one that has been through it all.

I will state that nothing that I will talk about on here is the direct thoughts of the US Army or any other branch of the US military. All information or suggestions come from myself personally and the situations that I have gone through. Please keep that in mind. We all face and experience different types of hardships and experiences in the military and then to handle these situations differently. Keep in mind that I am here to assist anyone that wants to read and please provide feedback and comments so that we have the ability to reach others who may be reading this.

#armylife #retirement #challenges #changes

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